Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.

—Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

My name is Shandra.

I am a front-end developer with a passion to learn all I can to enhance the user experience and bring creativity to science.

The dream? To become a full-stack developer who can optimize efficiency through an extensive understanding of each level of development.

Hobbies include playing video games, drawing, and stealing cat pictures off the Internet.

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Web Development

Bright Girls

Bright Girls Company is a start-up dedicated to inspiring and teaching girls how to become entrepreneurs and reach their own goals, whatever they may be.

Holly needed a website that was inviting and easy to use for young girls and their parents alike, and it was also essential that her website be mobile-friendly. Employing the design of a partner, I used CSS, HTML, and PHP to accomodate WordPress for Holly's needs.

Most importantly, every aspect of the website is maintained through the CMS so that Holly can update the website herself with ease.

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Jorg Gray

Creating the Jorg Gray website was a greatly rewarding experience. This American needed a new, fully-functional website in time for Christmas, giving our team mere months to complete.

With a focus on sports, but a tone of elegance, Jorg Gray wanted a design that was sleek, but with a dash of attitude that could showcase the products they were proud of.

After many drafts and meetings, we were able to give them just the look they wanted and provide the interactivity that would bring their website to life.

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Cat Cavorting

Cat Cavorting is a local cat trapping and fostering non-profit who desperately needed a new website.

Working from a GoDaddy WISIWIG, it was getting progressively difficult for Sami to keep her website updated with all the cats, events, and information for her volunteers that she needed to.

After helping her move to a new host and setting up SSL, WordPress was the obvious solution to help her not only be able to control and add more information, but to still be able to maintain the visiual aspects of her website on her own.

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Yes Clean Cars

Yes Clean Cars is a non-profit organization from California hoping to unite Americans in signing and submitting petitions to their local lawmakers in the fight to keep America—and the world—clean.

Looking for a website to be ready in time for a pending CA vote, we worked with a narrow time line to deliver a WordPress website that would be easy for volunteers on their team to edit as needed (with the help of a handy documentation guide, of course).

Unfortunately, the measure did not pass this year and the petition form has since been disabled. But they will be ready for next year!

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